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Janom Investments is a private equity investor focused on development and investments in renewable energy sources and innovative ventures.

A better future is a good investment

Private equity group Janom Investments has been one of the pioneers in clean tech investment with a focus on the CEE region since its founding in 2008. Within its portfolio, it has built and operates a number of solar, wind and hydro power plants in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, as well as in Finland.

Janom Investments is also one of the pioneers in investing in early stage companies in this sector. In 2011, it became one of the founding investors in Greenway, which is currently the largest operator of charging networks for electric vehicles in Poland and in Slovakia. Its portfolio also includes a stake in Wattstor, a UK company specialising in optimising energy management and the use of battery storage.


  • 2008

    The founding of Janom Investments, primary activities in the development and operation of MVE
  • 2011

    First projects in the development and operation of FVE
  • 2011/2012

    Co-founding of Greenway, a pioneer in electromobility within the V4
  • 2013

    Entry into the Finnish market, partnership with a local developer of wind farms
  • 2016

    Entry into the UK market with the acquistion of a majority stake in Wattstor, active in the field of intelligent battery storage
  • 2016

    Commissioning of the Tyrinselkä 1 wind farm in Finland, beginning of reorientation to FiT-free projects
  • 2016

    Co-founding of Straightforward Capital, a VC fund focused on investing in start-ups in Finland
  • 2019-2021

    Exit from several companies and projects unrelated to the company’s core business
  • 2022

    Strengthening of the management team and the strategy of focusing on energy and sustainable development and related areas
  • 2023

    Sale of wind farm in Finland, buyer Aquila Capital
  • 2024

    Acquisition of solar power plant 30 MW Slavonia, Croatia

Our team

  • Ján Miškovský

    Ján Miškovský

    chairman of the board
  • Andrej Sršeň

    Andrej Sršeň

  • Daniel Šmigura

    Daniel Šmigura

  • Jozef Očenáš

    Jozef Očenáš

  • Ivana Štefániková Bašková

    Ivana Štefániková Bašková

    marketing and HR manager
  • Radovan Šavolt

    Radovan Šavolt

  • Pavla Benčatová

    Pavla Benčatová

    financial manager
  • Boris Pisár

    Boris Pisár

    senior analyst
  • Ján Miškovský jr.

    Ján Miškovský jr.

    technical manager