E-Mobility specialist Voltia supporting with fleet-buildup in the Balkans


Bratislava/Zagreb/Ljubljana/Belgrade, February 19, 2021 – European e-mobility company Voltia is currently introducing its electric delivery vans in the Balkans region, following the expansion of its cooperation with DPD and a deal with Bex, a privately held courier company in Serbia.

The delivery of 12 Nissan e-NV200 XL Voltia electric vans marks another milestone in the greening of the delivery network in the Balkan region. Voltia is part of this project as vehicle provider and e-mobility consultant. The Slovak-based e-mobility specialist was responsible for vehicle production for DPD and Bex and is currently supporting both companies with the introduction of the vehicles in their local delivery fleets in Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia.

Juraj Ulehla, Voltia’s co-founder and CEO, underlines the significance of expanding the greening efforts throughout Europe: “The buildup of an efficient delivery infrastructure throughout the continent is an important task for the logistics industry. With its ambitious green strategy, DPD is one of the drivers of building clean logistics in Europe. Voltia is proud to support DPD, now also in Croatia and Slovenia.”

”We are also excited to support the greening efforts of Bex in Serbia. All markets have to do their part in making Europe a cleaner part of the world. Bex is taking the right steps and we are happy to contribute to strengthening their operations,” says Ulehla.


Official website: https://www.voltia.com/news/e-mobility-specialist-voltia-supporting-with-fleet-buildup-in-the-balkans/