ESN Annual Symposium „Good storage, Better Storage “


Annual Symposium under the name above was held on January 25, 2017 in London.
Within the framework of discussions, the topic of developing installations of massive battery systems into the electricity networks within Great Britain was presented.

The main task of massive battery systems is to stabilize sudden fluctuations between the generation and consumption of electricity to keep the quality of electricity, especially voltage and frequency. Thanks to battery technologies, the ratio of renewable resources will keep increasing without jeopardizing the stability of electricity networks.

The important audience at more than 100, including developers, manufacturers of battery technologies, suppliers and key representatives from electricity distribution companies participated in the symposium.

Following up to date results in installations of renewable energy resources and battery systems as presented in Great Britain, we know that the direction the restructuring of power engineering goes has a huge potential within the sustainability and increase in the quality of environment by means of installing renewable energy resources.

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