janom remains proud partner of the professional team Etixx – Quick-Step

Cycling: Team Etixx Quick-Step 2016 / Media Day

On January 1, 2016 we are about to start 5th year of our cooperation with Patrick Lefevere and Etixx – Quick–
Step Cycling Team in sports marketing.

Trust, patience, PR communication have proved to be the main features of our cooperation.
This period has brought us several interesting benefits in our business.

Long – term focus on investments in the technology sector, focusing solely on green technologies and innovations linking to the world cycling have proved after several years to be the correct decision and a good vision in creating a good reputation for janom in international business.

We have achieved several interesting business opportunities where we used the marketing support by Etixx – Quick-Step Cycling Team which we have transformed into the janom´s successful results.

I dare say marketing support has also played an important role in our economic growth and expansion of our janom business, especially outside our home country – Slovakia.

I would like to thank Patrick Lefevre and the whole team Etixx – Quick–Step for their trust and support in our cooperation.

May I give my best wishes to this team for the New Year 2016, many victories, no injuries and many pleasant moments both in races and beyond with the company – janom.

Jan Miskovsky, CEO janom