janom took part in „CLEAN ENERGY LIVE 2016“, Birmingham, UK


On October 4 – 6, 2016 an important exhibition „CLEAN ENERGY LIVE 2016“ was held in Birmingham intended for producers, distributors, installers, energy professionals and end-users who are interested in renewable energy, energy storage and their efficient use. Important exhibitors such as Tesla, Sonnen, Wattstor, SolarEdge etc. did not miss the opportunity to take part in.

Discussions on current challenges upon stabilizing distribution and transmission network were a part of its programme. Using advantages of battery storages and the way how they can be integrated into networks and households were evaluated. Tendencies in developing support for the integration of battery storages with renewable energy resources were its important part. The active presence of British Secretary of State for Energy, Regulator and National Grid Operator can be seen as a mark of respect to the exhibition.

As Britain belongs to the world leaders in the renewable energy expansion, it also determines the trends for other countries.

Battery storages, small for households, or big for distribution networks, are vital when stabilising the network with a high percentage of renewable energy and along with energy management are essentials to maximize the use of renewable energy resources.

Further information: https://cleanenergylive.co.uk/