Maximizing electricity generated from PVPP


In June we managed to install Photovoltaic Power Plant (PVPP) on a garage roof of Epicklub together with the battery technology to maximize electricity generated from the PVPP.

In the first stage, it was Photovoltaic Power Plant with the capacity of 9.4 kWp together with inverters – Fronius with the capacity of 6 kW and 10 kW. The benefit of the connection is changing the capacity ratio from PVPP to individual inverters. In order to simulate the use of PVPP in the family house with a single-phase inverter, the capacities   2.6 kWp, 3.4 kWp and 6.0 kWp and 9.4 kWp may be used. Individual capacity ratios can be switched all the time so that all the energy falling onto the photovoltaic panels is converted to electricity and to be used for the specific purpose.

In the second stage, in cooperation with the English company Wattstor the battery storage with appliances´ controls to maximize electricity generated from the Photovoltaic Power Plant was installed. A hybrid inverter Victron with a capacity of 10 kW belongs to the main components enabling to store electricity into the batteries when the building has a lower consumption than the electricity generated from PVPP. Technology, in our case, is represented by LifePo4 (lithium ferrum phosphate) with the total capacity of 200Ah /48V.

This system also enables to switch appliances to increase the efficiency of electricity consumption from PVPP.

The system is used for experimental and practical simulations to operate the photovoltaic power plant and battery technology for practical purposes.