Slovak pioneers of electromobility expand in Europe


Business story without emissions goes on. The concept of an electricity supply service as being developed by Greenway (Slovakia) has recently been separated into the independent company – Voltia. The Slovaks have noticed the interests of entrepreneurs on the markets in the Western Europe.

Since 2011 the Slovak company Greenway has tried to convince the company reps to consider the changeover to electricity supplies. „As Greenway operator we have tested and developed the concept offering the commercial vehicles as the service,” added Juraj Uleha, a co-founder of the company.  Additionally, the infrastructure for electromobiles has been built, and as a result Slovakia has, as the first country in the Central Europe, the fully functional network of public charging stations. Over the introductory periods the public was provided with charging for-free, pricing was introduced in May this year.

By the end of last year Greenway acquired the critical investor. The capital fund – Neulogy Ventures channeled into the electro-mobile operator €3.25 million. A growing division offering its customers electricity supplies as the service in the segment of 2-3.5 tons has only recently separated into the independent company – Voltia. Greenway Infrastructure keeps running the charging network.

Rental of electro power and savings

Industry reps are discouraged from electro power- driving by high initial inputs. When rented the supplies by Voltia, according to Uleha, such an obstacle is removed. Electrification plan is tailor-made to the specific customers´ requirements all the time. Motivation should not only be the ecology and an easy solution which transfers the responsibility to an operator, but also savings in total running costs compared to the cars with combustion engines.

Several transportation companies belong to the existing customers. The electro mobile services are used by DPD, TNT or Schachinger Logistik. 4 electric vans being rented by Slovenská pošta are expressed in a symbolic way, however, within our domestic environment it belongs to the significant action.

Voltia is aiming to make its services available on the new markets in the Western Europe. „We have noticed enormous interest from the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany and Austria “ said Aaron Fishbone, a Press Inquiries director . Apart from the Central European Regional Office in Bratislava, Voltia is also based in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), DACH Regional Office is in Wienna.

The Slovak electro-mobile operator reached the Finals nomination at this year´s competition Sustainable Energy Europe Awards as announced by the European Commission.