Strategies & Solutions for the Entire EV Eco-System; EVERYTHING EV, 2-3 April 2019, London

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On 2-3 April 2019 janom company sponsored an event Everything EV in London, Grange Hotel. One of our reasons to support this event, was to be part of the community which make a big effort in order to change environment where we live. According to the last research, approximately 35 000 deaths are caused by air pollution yearly in the UK. Now is our opportunity to create a clean air generation for our children, by implementing interventions in a coordinated way. By making new developments clean by design we can create a better environment for everyone, especially our children.
Is worthy to mention that janom investment in Voltia is getting very popular in whole Europe. This innovative company changes mainly diesel vans for fully electric fleet of e.g. Chronopost, DHL, Slovak post and many others. We couldn’t stand apart of this event, and Juraj Ulehla CEO and Co-Founder of Voltia gave presentation about this project, but also mentioned other investment to UK based company Wattstor offering other unique products.
Our young team introduced grid supporting system for EV chargers- WattBooster; Intelligent Management of Power – iMP; Battery Energy Storage System – Joules as new products coming to the market soon!

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