Successful International Cycling Competition Tour de Slovaquie


Dear Mr Miškovský,

Please allow me to thank you and your colleagues on behalf of the team of organisers for your personal engagement, willingness and support in the 62nd year of the International Cycling Competition Tour de Slovaquie. We highly appreciate all you have done to the benefit of the event, which belongs among the pearls of Slovak cycling.

The Tour de Slovaquie competition is the only road cycling event in Slovakia which is part of the international UCI calendar. It has a strong position in the Central European region as leading teams not just from Europe, but also from all around the world are happy to attend the event each year. They gladly come to our lovely Slovakia to compete for financial prizes and points for the European rankings. They are able to experience the hospitability of our people, their helpfulness and kind-heartedness, large interest on the part of the audiences and high-quality organisation, which we are able to provide also thanks to your support and help. This year, Tour de Slovaquie also hosted Worldtour teams, which attracted a large amount of public interest. We were once again able to push the level a little bit higher, which was appreciated not only by the audiences, but also by all of our guests.

On behalf of the organisers, I would like to sincerely thank you and your colleagues once again for your willingness and help in the belief that you will maintain your support towards us, the organisers, as well as towards the International Cycling Competition Tour de Slovaquie organised by us, well into the future and we hope that your company will once again become a part of Tour de Slovaquie in the upcoming years.


Best regards,

Peter Privara

Managing director of ICC Around Slovakia

and President of the Slovak Association of Cycling