UK To Trial Wireless Tech That Charges Electric Vehicles


The UK will begin trials latest this year for what it is dubbing an “electric highway” that would recharge electric vehicles wirelessly as they travel down the road. Such technology is the “Holy Grail” for EV owners who have to recharge their cars at home, at work, or at public facilities when running low on a charge. Whereas drivers of conventional gasoline or diesel engine vehicles can top off their tanks in a few minutes, recharging an electric vehicle can often take hours.

An electric highway would allow drivers to take long trips without losing a charge or at least losing very little charge in the process.

The electric highway trial will last for approximately 18 months, during which specially-outfitted vehicles will be tested off public roads. If successful, the government would commence with on-road trials. And even if the wireless charging trial isn’t a success, the government is still committed to installing standard plug-in charging points at 20-mile intervals along the country’s motorways.

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