Voltia: a pioneering approach to deploying electric commercial vehicles into commercial fleets


Voltia (initially known as GreenWay Operator) is a pioneer of the concept of deploying electric commercial vehicles as a service. Thanks to its team of specialists and support, Voltia assists its customers in deploying electric deliveries in a successful and profitable way while using the full potential of electric vehicles.

Voltia was founded in Bratislava, where headquarters for Middle and Eastern Europe are also based. Currently, our company has its offices also in Haag for the region of Benelux and in Vienna for the region of DACH. Below you can find the interview with Ing. Branislav Volčko  – Head of Sales SK&CZ.

How did the concept of electric vehicles come into existence as a service and what does it involve?

Over the recent years we have been building up a great team, testing and refining the concept of electric commercial vehicles offered as a service on the market for 2 to 3.5 tons. Since the purchase of such vehicles accounts for higher purchase costs, from the very beginning we decided to offer our services via operational leasing. Our priority was to set up the whole concept so as to enable it for our customers to introduce electric deliveries to their commercial fleets simply, cost-efficiently and risk-free.

In addition to electric deliveries, our customers are provided with a wide range of services starting from initial analyses of routes, drawing up an electrification plan, consultancies, services, up to the records of tracking and the conditions of vehicles in real time. It is the strong relation with our customers during our cooperation that we are based on.

Why should companies go for deploying electric vehicles into their fleets?

Problems of air pollution, emission limits, corporate social responsibility, noise level, creations of low emission zones in towns/cities or requirements by new, eco-friendly costumers are coming to the fore more and more. These are the factors which may account for both significant spending and savings for companies in the future.

Through our concept, we are currently reaching the cost level of diesel vehicles and when taking the above factors into account, I think it may have an extremely positive impact on the companies.

It sounds interesting. How about your achievements?

Currently we provide our services for eighth companies in four countries, a total of more than 1,000,000 km with a pure electric drive. In total, for all costumers it accounts for a reduction of exhaust emissions at about 200,000 kg which may be compared to ca 22 000 trees producing oxygen. Interests in our services are increasing in various parts of Europe and thus it opens new markets. This year we have opened our offices in the Netherlands and Austria.

What kind of costumers do you focus on?

Each customer is approached individually and we try to customize our solutions to their individual needs.

We offer bigger vans of up to 3.5 tons with a cargo volume of 16m3 for longer routes and right now we are launching the converted model of the Nissan eNV200 with a cargo volume of 8m3, which is optimal for urban routes.

Why did You go for Voltia?

Definitely, I was impressed by electromobility and in particular the fact that I can be a part of the company bringing out the progressive and very interesting products. I am happy to have become a member of the electromobility team of specialists, and this is where I find an inspiration.

So, to sum it up:  What message would you leave for those still not being attracted by electric vehicles?

Lots of petrol and diesel vehicles in towns and cities are reaching the sustainable level, polluting air and the quality of life. Noise level of traffic in cities is beyond the bearable level. Innovations make us forward. The number of electric vehicles is constantly growing. The fleet of electric commercial vehicles is also becoming more and more to be a part of progressive companies. Deploying electric vehicles is one of the options how to improve our environment.

Slovenská pošta has also started to deliver via electric deliveries

In 2015, Slovenská pošta, a.s. under its CSR strategy and support of CSR activities decided to deploy 4 electric vehicles within its fleet.

Prior to its realization, the analysis of possible routes was worked out and an optimal method of charging was set for the customer. The vehicles were deployed on April 5, 2016.

Over the first six months of our cooperation, 38 824 km were driven on electric vans by Voltia a.s.. As for CO2 consumption for that period, savings in exhaust emissions of ca 7 765 kg were achieved.

Nowadays, Voltia is introducing a new model of electric van, the Nissan eNV200 Maxi, suitable mostly for urban deliveries.

official website: https://www.eurologport.sk/voltia-priekopnicky-pristup-k-zavadzaniu-elektrickych-uzitkovych-vozidiel-do-komercnych-flotil/