Voltia presents its 10m³ upsized XL


Bratislava, March 15, 2021 – Voltia, the European leader in electrified urban delivery, announces the upsized 10 m3 model of its electric van. This is an improved version of the existing 8m3 model, which became part of Nissan´s official portfolio last year. The upsized model is 28 cm higher than 8 m3 one, the clear height inside increased from 1.9 to 2.2 m. The width and payload remain the same. It will start to be produced first in Slovakia, later in other partner’s production plants in the UK and France. DPD Slovakia is the first who had the opportunity to test this model in a three-week pilot operation.

The range in city traffic will change only slightly, even after enlarging the cargo space it remains over 200 kms. The van also has space for storing packages above the driver’s cab with a length of 1.35 m.

Juraj Ulehla, Voltia’s co-founder and CEO: “An improved version of the existing 8 m3 model was created in response to the needs of the clients, who grow during the pandemic the volumes of transported goods faster than before, so 2m3 more space will definitely be appreciated. In certain way, we also help in the fight against covid-19.”

By introducing this model, Voltia also brings a better ratio of sales price and TCO (total cost of ownership) to cubic meters, which only confirms its privileged position in this segment throughout Europe. The price per m3 decreased by 20%.

Peter Pavuk, CEO of DPD in Slovakia, adds: “We are pleased to be the first to test the upsized Voltia’s model. During the pilot operation, we drove more than 1,000 km and delivered more than 2,000 packages in a period of 3 weeks with an increased cargo space of 10 m3. This type of car is more suitable for city routes, due to its maneuverability and easier parking. Compared to the 6 or 8 m3 versions, this one is optimal for us in terms of the volume of transported goods, mileage and greater reduction of emissions per transported package.”

The upsized model will initially be produced in Trnava, Slovakia, from where the company will want to serve mainly clients from the nearest countries.

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