Wind & Solar Energy Storage Advancements


On June 8 – 9, 2016 a technical conference was held in London under the name of Wind & Solar Energy Storage Advancements which we supported not only as the main technical partner, but also as the speaker with our own presentation about our activities, solutions and future potential.

On the first day the focus was put on solutions within the storage solutions for industries and distribution networks. On the second day, the focus was put on the evaluation of the past development, present days and future trends for residential off grid energy storages. In addition to hearing interesting presentations, we spent our time together with companies like Sgurr energy, Wattstor, Younicos, BPVA, Bloomberg new energy finance, Dulas, all of which have lots of knowledge therein.

Energy storage systems are an essential part of the most efficient use of RER. The use of battery storages is generally not limited only to the storages of energies for later use (it mostly applies to a surplus of solar and wind energy), but the principle “revenue pile up” is applied on a large scale. It means that the economic benefit from the storage is not calculated only via “stored electric power”, but particularly by cumulating other support services such as the ability to be in operation in case of power outage, frequency voltage checks etc.. A very close topic is also the use of batteries in electric cars after their expected life cycles have expired. A brand new topic is the use of theses batteries to provide support services for distribution networks.