Worldwide marketing with the strong team Etixx – Quick – Step another two years


Our company janom has been an official sponsor of the world cycling team Etixx – Quick – Step since 2012. During this period we have achieved not only space in the worldwide marketing which opened the new opportunities in our activities, but concurrently we also get to know great people „revolving“ around the team and we went backstage in running  the world cycling. Thanks to several positive reasons we have decided to continue in cooperation with Etixx for another two years 2017 – 2018.

And what feeling does Ján Miškovský have about signing the contract for another two years?

“Frankly, now I take things differently as I did 5 years ago. Then I took it as a new and a big thing through which we and the team got inside the world marketing with other world brands.

At that time it was a real success for us as we successively started to appear in the world mass media with our logo such as Tour de France. I probably do not need to tell what it means in the world marketing. I was curious about the result – what it will provide us with over the time and how we can measure it economically via business. I have to admit that also in this case good things come to those who wait. A short time passed till we won serious position and the mutual trust. It was important to get to know the environment and new people step by step and also how we will be accepted by the team from another culture from east European country. At present I take it for granted and support for our business mainly abroad. We have benefited from this connection in various situations. It is a great door opener as it contributes to creating a good name of the company and building the trust of the Slovak company abroad. It is an excellent tool and proved successful. The one who tries to do business or who already does business abroad knows what I mean. It is not easy to make your voice heard, to win trust and a fair position in fierce competition. When 30 top world riders wear your logo on the top world events, it tells its own tale. Partners, banks, as well as competitors show respect. Today I am persuaded that my decision was absolutely correct. Without this kind of marketing we would not win our way abroad that fast and where we already are with our activities. This kind of marketing is mainly focused on foreign countries where this has brought decent benefits to us. I did not suppose such a long cooperation because at that time my expectations were different, obviously lower. Upon signing the contract I had a feeling of a greater responsibility than I did before, because a good name is lost very quickly, but it is hard to win it back. And that´s the way the things are in business and sports.”

And how I see the link between the company and the cycling team?

“Cycling is a wonderful sport. People from various areas of life do cycling around the whole world, it is in, it is technological and innovative.  The bottom line is, I have taken to it and I do it myself quite active apart from my work. Then, the interconnection of different worlds of business and sports is simple. What is important is when most points for cooperation have a lot in common. Our company pays mainly attention to technological and innovative business with a strong focus on ecology. Our projects take place on various places around the world and people of various nationalities work on them. Cycling and the cycling team Etixx-Quick-Step are in the same way, so it is an ideal connection to cooperation. And when even great people have met up and have cooperated for as long as 5 years so it also must go on another years. We all wish to succeed in business and the cycling team to win the races. As a result, we will grow together and we will support cycling in the long term. And not only world, but also cycling youth as we keep paying attention to this in Slovakia for a longer period.”