Our approach

  • Engagement

    We are a “hands on” investor in our companies and projects. We contribute our know-how and help talented entrepreneurs identify new business opportunities.

  • Expertise

    Every single delivered project and each investment broadens our technical competencies and enables us to grow.

  • Partnership

    We look for balanced deals and try to build relationships with all parties involved.

  • Responsibility

    We contribute to the expansion of green energy and promote technologies with a positive impact on society.

  • Renewable energy

    We invest in wind-farms or photovoltaic plants still in the development stage.

    Depending on the specific case, we are the sole investor or we team up with a local partner. We are interested in cooperation with a potential worth at least tens of MWs.

    Region: V4 countries (Slovakia, Czech Rep., Hungary and Poland), Western Balkans, Finland and the United Kingdom

  • Private equity and venture capital investments

    We are looking for innovative companies with a proven business model and strong leadership with an offering that has the potential to further enhance our know-how from sustainable development.

    Region: CEE, Finland, Belgium and the United Kingdom
    Investment size: EUR 0.5 – 4 mil.